Josiah Arrives:  A Photo Story!  Click and view!

I enjoyed putting a few of the photos together in a photo video story…   I took a lot of pictures during that week.  These are just a few of my favorite pictures!  (Click the link above!)

Posted by: Diane | May 10, 2011

A Favorite Photo of Little You

Posted by: Diane | May 2, 2011

A Favorite Photo of the Little You!

A Little You ---- But a BIG SQUISHY SOUND Heard Clear Across the Room!

I can tell you are a good listener!

Posted by: Diane | April 24, 2011

Oh You Smelled SO GOOD!

OH Josiah!  How wonderful it was to at last hold you and meet you…

Do you know how adorable you are?

It was so much fun to hold you for the first time.  Before I gave you back to your mommy, I whispered a first secret to you.  Were you listening?  Did you hear me say that ‘I love you and that I’m glad you are here?’

I am sure you heard me.

Finally….  Finally, finally, finally you arrived.

I am so proud of your mama because she cared for you in her belly for 9 months!  Each day she took care of you, nurtured you, talked to you, read to you, and loved you….  She loved you from the moment she knew you were within her.  I’m so proud of your mama because she came to this hospital and put all her concentration into your being born safely.  She loves you so much!

And your papa, how proud I am of him, too!  He was by your mama’s side as they worked and waited for your arrival.  He loves your mama with all his heart, and she loves him, and now, they both love you….

I love you, too, Josiah…   I love you very much.

I have many secrets to tell you…   I’ll start sharing secrets with you tomorrow…   They’ll at first be little secrets.  I’ll whisper them in your ear.  You’ll remember what I tell you, because they are secrets of love, joy, and a wonderful journey before you…

Welcome to the world baby, Josiah!  We are all glad you are here!

Posted by: Diane | April 21, 2011

Here We Are at the Hospital!

Today your mamma sent me a text message that said, “OK, now you guys need a plan.  My water broke.  I have to be at the hospital in an hour.”

SO I got a plan together QUICKLY.  My bag was already packed. I called Delta Airlines and got on the list to fly on the 5:00 flight.  I organized a few details around the house and made a couple phone calls.

I got to the airport in in plenty of time.  (Your grandfather brought me to the airport.)

I flew to Minneapolis.  I took a taxi.  I arrived at the hospital.  I got directions to where your mamma’s room was and as I walked down the hall, there was your papa, going to McDonald’s for a diet coke.  (There was a McDonald’s at the hospital.)  So I walked with your papa to McDonald’s where he got diet coke and a Shamrock Shake for your mamma.  She’s been wanting a Shamrock Shake since February.  She was so happy to get that special treat.

Now, we’re waiting for you…

Your mamma is on her computer, your papa on his, and I am on mine.  It’s lap top club at the hospital.

Soon you’ll be here.  We love you and we are waiting for you!

Posted by: Diane | April 20, 2011

Your Due Date is Almost Here

You mamma saw her midwife today and found out that you are doing just great where you are and you aren’t quite ready to be born….   so, keep it up, little one.  Keep growing and developing.  Once you are born, your have so much to learn.  One thing you won’t have to ‘learn’ though, is that you are very much loved!  You’ll know that instantly, although I think you already know that!

Posted by: Diane | April 19, 2011

OH, But Not Yet!

Nope, you haven’t been born yet!

We wondered if today would be the day, but you just aren’t ready to meet the world yet.

The weather forecast is for more snow.  Everyone thought that spring was here, but they are wrong.  More snow is supposed to fall over the next couple of days.  Now we wonder, will you be born on a snowy day?  I guess we’ll just wait and see!

Posted by: Diane | April 18, 2011

On the Days Before YOU Were Born

On the day you were born….

Just like any other day, your momma and papa were waiting for your arrival…

They had both worked for days,  no for months — to get ready for you to join them…  your room had been set up, toys had been purchased even though it would be months after your birth that you’d play with them, diapers were stacked and waiting, your clothes were all washed, folded, organized, and waiting for you, and your little shoes were set side by side in the shoe holder on the wall.  Every detail had been completed!

Your car seat was even put in the car.

Weeks before, your mamma had cleaned the house from top to bottom..   Yes, I mean from the top!  She made your papa spend a Sunday in the attic, organizing and cleaning the area….    They’d spent time before that, organizing in the basement.

Even I had helped by sending every cute outfit ‘just perfect for you’ in the mail to your mamma and your papa.

I knew were were all ready and waiting for you!

Your papa was ready.  He said, “I’m ready!”

Your mamma said, “Cannot BELIEVE I will be going to bed yet AGAIN without getting this show on the road. Uffffffffddddaaaaaaaaaa.”  She was really ready to meet you!

Everything was waiting for you.  Waiting, waiting, and waiting.


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